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Image by Keila Hötzel
  • Who Can Apply?
    We are currently hiring Canadian and USA Hosts but are working on international expansion. ANYBODY can be an eligible streamer on bigo! It's an amazing opportunity to network amongst millions of people.
  • Where Do We Stream?
    We are in proud partnership with BigoLive, the most popular and successful streaming app worldwide. Bigo is well established and user friendly with overcommunity with 500 million active users. Its completely free to join and is a PG platform, NO adult content.
  • What Is The Audition Process?
    The audition process is very simple! You will be required to upload a 30-60 second video introducing yourself!
  • How Do I Start Live Streaming?/What Equipment Do I Need To Stream?
    To become an official host on Bigo you'll need to pass an audition! Bigo only hires broadcasters through agencies to ensure they receive the proper training and support. BigoLive is a smart phone based Live Streaming app! All that's needed to get started is a smart phone with a decent quality camera. no personal information required no contracts no fees, completely free to download
  • Why Should I Choose This Agency?
    Sakura Agency takes pride in our community, and our unique approach to hiring and thoroughly training hosts- providing them with an overwhelming amount of support and guidance. As an agency we are committed to working closely with everyone based on their individual needs to guarantee success. For us, it's personal! Live streaming and Bigo has changed our lives and we launched our agency with hopes to help others do the same.
  • How Much Money Do We Make?
    You can make anywhere between $260- $24k USD per month! Your activity, and overall performance will determine your pay. You will receive a monthly salary and daily bonuses.
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